Leaving and returning

I posted these pictures late last night, very tired, and this morning think they probably need some explanation.

They were taken on the coach from Fredrikstad to Oslo airport.

The first is of the young woman sitting across the aisle from me. She and two friends were heading off, somewhere, full of excitement and laughter, energy and optimism.


The second is me.


Yes, I am neither young nor full of energy (old and knackered!); I am not launching on new adventures. But although I might appear melancholy “thoughtful” would be more accurate – I’m listening to the divine Joan As Police Woman in concert in Amsterdam. Superb, despite the heavy cold she picked up in England.

And I’m optimistic and excited having, I think, succeeded in enthusing a new group of people about the current wonders of the Global Voices project and its future potential.

I’ve spent a lot of time mourning the young, glossy, happy and excited, energetic and optimistic self I never had/was. It changes and achieves nothing. Grasping and inhabiting the present is full of wonder.

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  1. Yesterday, when I looked at these photos, I thought the photo of the young woman was of you when you were younger – you both look very alike and both very beautiful! “Grasping and inhabiting the present is full of wonder” – yes! We do need to remind ourselves of that at times, don’t we?

  2. I’m really glad you posted the context for these. When I first saw them last night I was struck by the juxtaposition, but wasn’t sure about the significance of the pairing; now things are clearer to me. 🙂

  3. Krista – heh! They’re long, but not as long as those of either of my sons.

    ml, how interesting that you should think that. I suppose she does look like I did when younger, I hadn’t noticed.

    Rachel – 🙂

    I remember seeing, years ago, an interesting series of photographs of people listening to music on headphones. The photographer then asked what they were listening to. The different expressions found with different styles of music were very revealing.

  4. Anybody sitting across the aisle of a coach from you when you were that age wouldn’t have seen you as anything other than young and glossy and full of energy, as indeed you sometimes were, I know, hinterland troubles notwithstanding. Beauty, someone said to me recently, is, perhaps, what you’re left with, something deeply truthful that emerges later… that shows.

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