Zephyr and the unicum

Ok, this fairtytale-sounding adventure is another not-entirely-work-related post from the Internet Hungary conference.

Below you will see one of the contributors, the humungously talented and charismatic Zephyr Teachout, (best known for being the Director of Internet Organizing for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, now National Director of the Sunlight Foundation) and our charming host, conference president Ákos Csermely. Press play for the full story. Almost.

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As a conscientious former journalist I have to issue a disclaimer – the dialogue may not be exactly verbatim since I had already had a shot of the unicum myself – Say Yes to Life! Unicum. The Positive Answer.

Er, yes. Possibly. I wouldn’t know. Unlike the others, who had already given their presentations, I had to attempt to make sense the following day and staggered went to bed at a reasonable time. Reports from reliable sources who wish to remain nameless suggest that the party continued until the small hours.

3 Replies to “Zephyr and the unicum”

  1. You are so brilliant Rachel 🙂
    Have you told Zephyr about this post? :)))
    You should, I’m sure She would be entertained by seeing this!

  2. I’ve told Zephyr, yes! In fact I asked her before making the album public.

    That was a great evening. And a great conference. I must write a *proper* post about it!

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