There’s a red ring around the moon

…and it’s full, I told the gathered diners, and went out to take a picture. My stepmother said it meant rain.

Rain or not it’s the sort of thing that gives great delight if you can actually see it. Away from the bright lights of the big city the sky is full of wonders.

moon ring

The next morning the second-born demanded to see the picture.

“That’s not a ring, that’s just clouds” he said, obviously disappointed that it wasn’t like saturn.

The presaged rain hasn’t shown up, though. It’s been a beautiful sunny autumn day.

5 Replies to “There’s a red ring around the moon”

  1. It’s beautiful, though. Thank you for this. I am informed from many quarters to plant by the moon…

  2. Walking through Dublin last Thursday evening, my friend said “it’s going to rain tomorrow, you can always tell when there’s a yellow ring around the moon.” I’d never heard that before. The following day was torrential.

  3. You were right about the rain… but the ring needs to be tighter. Imaginge the ring about halfway closer to the moon than in the pic. ~Tracy 🙂

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