Big nose

I have, under rather regrettable circumstances, acquired another camera. It has a fixed 21mm wide angle lens. Which means I can attempt to convey the impression that Maizy is cute in that head-bigger-than-body way that’s the hallmark of such lenses.


I say attempt because firstly her nose is out of focus and secondly she isn’t cute at all. A split second after the shutter clicked she leapt at me and both I and the camera were liberally smeared with mud.

It’s got a fantastic macro and is altogether a very exciting bit of kit. I’ve been experimenting with it and all the pictures I posted today and yesterday at flickr were taken with it. Apart from the sunflower, which is a few days older but got left behind for some reason.

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  1. Beautiful photos, rr! The “strange flower” is a datura, I think, but I don’t know what those lovely whie ones are (“raindrops”). Maizy’s head sure looks huge, hehe.

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