I went to a meditation group this evening (Thursday night, it appears to be Friday morning now), led by Alistair, the teacher of the meditation course I recently took. The blog-mending Mr Hg came too.

He came along not just, I think, because I am hugely persuasive persistent but partly because I had sent him the links to my two favourite pieces of writing about the practice of meditation – Confessions and How to be Uncomfortable by Dale.

Later the same day that the meditation links had changed hands I sent Dale the link to a piece Hg had written (on troubled diva) in the period last year while he debated whether to resign his job, which, if you read post, you will be unsurprised to learn that he subsequently did. And later still on the same day that this link had been passed on Dale resigned from his.

Enough mailled links to make a hauberk.

So, to stretch a fabric not generally known for its elasticity, the basic unit of the maille is three links. On that same day (last Tuesday, to be exact) it was decided that I should work part time, at least until the end of December. Four months on half pay and an uncertain future.

I have a lot of thinking of my own to do about “work” – what I want to “do” and why and how. And sometimes, in the current circumstances, I feel very vulnerable and utterly alone. And at other times, like now, I feel less so.

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  1. Well, if anything I’ve said or done has made you feel less alone, it’s the simplest and most obvious brand of karma. xoxo

  2. When you mentioned this the other day, I was struggling to find the right word for it. We tried “karma”, then “synchronicity”, plus a couple of others that I forget. All appropriate, but none of them the one I was seeking.

    I read this post last thing before going to bed last night (which also appeared to be Friday morning). I woke today with a refrain from the musical Chicago ringing through my head:

    “Because the system works / The system called reciprocity”

    That’s the one!

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