Minor White


My lovely friend T introduced me to the photographs of Minor White this evening, thinking I would find him sympa. Boy oh boy. Crazy name, crazy amazing guy. He’s taken all the pictures I want to take. Dammit. Look at this, for instance. Have I not striven for just that image? Sigh.

One of his students was John Daido Loori: Author, Artist, Zen Master, a photographer and painter who creates as part of his Zen practice. It’s fascinating to discover these two artists just as I am paying attention to and exploring what I increasingly see as the spiritual practice of looking (and photographing), and the parallels between this and recovering from mental ill health.

The picture of the rock above is from this summer in Arran. Minor White took something very similar, so similar I actually squeaked while going through T’s book.

Most exciting of all? She was one of his students herself. We’re going to have to have a long, long child-free session with several bottles of wine one evening very soon.

Update – to be strictly accurate she was the student of one of his students. A second-generation Minor, as it were.

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  1. Boy, that name really shakes loose some cobwebs! (Long ago I took an art history course with a great instructor whose passion was photography.) I’m glad you’re interested in integrating your photography with your spiritual practice. Seems like a natural for you.

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