The Tripoli Six

From Declan Butler, a reporter with the prestigious international science journal Nature, a reminder of the appalling case of the five nurses and a doctor facing the death penalty in Libya.

The six were found guilty of deliberately causing the infection of more than 400 children in hospital with the HIV virus after confessions which they say were obtained during torture. Testimony from international scientific experts as to their innocence has been ignored. They have already been in held in prison for seven years.

Declan has written an article detailing the latest stages of the women’s retrial (requires free registration, or try BugMeNot) in which activists involved with the case appeal for international mobilisation.

There is also an editorial which calls for action:

International diplomacy, dealing as it does with geopolitical and economic realpolitik, by necessity often involves turning a blind eye. But its lack of progress in response to the medics’ case in Libya is an affront to the basic democratic principles that the United States and the European Union espouse. Diplomacy has lamentably failed to deliver.

For anyone interested in writing a letter to Libyan Ambassador in their country about this issue, expressing concern and asking for it to be conveyed to the authorities in Libya, there is a list of addresses of Libyan embassies on the left hands side of this page.