Frizzy photography

There is an additional variable to be taken into account if one takes pictures and has unruly hair. Not only is the direction of the light important, so is that of the wind.

frizzy hair, following wind

Those bits above are the particularly self-willed sections which, despite the locks being firmly brushed and fettered, insist on their freedom. With a brisk following wind such as there was this morning my already deteriorating sight is further obscured by a frizzy filter.

Not only sight. The “finger in front of the lens” problem easily encountered when using a small camera is compounded by the “entire picture obscured by hair” effect. On one side of the frame the grotesque balloon of a giant out-of-focus digit complete with disturbing close-up of its nail, on the other side a smear of some sort of striated material like bleached washed-up seaweed.

Luckily my lens is as proud and phallic as a trumpet so only the very longest wayward clumps make their way into the edges of pictures nowadays, unless I set out to capture them. And, I confess, I have sometimes used photoshop to remove the evidence.

The sky was profoundly, glintingly, infinitely blue this morning. The sun was low but strong.

sunlit whippet

The dogs enjoyed their walk.

A great wave of happiness

I mentioned earlier that the poet George Szirtes has contributed to the online culturezine qarrtsiluni.

I’m absolutely delighted that the editors have used one of my images to illustrate his most recent contribution, Say, which is published today.

I think it’s a really beautiful poem, please read it if you have time 🙂

(Actually delighted doesn’t even come close. But it will have to do since I’m trying to be grown up.)