I hate this. Not sure how long it will last. Anyway, signed up for google ads the other week. Forgot about it. Then finally got a mail saying my account had been set up. Then the next day a nagging mail saying the all-powerful google had noticed I hadn’t actually got any ads up yet.


So here they are. Complete with an ad-ready template. Which I’m too tired to continue fiddling with tonight. I’ve already messed it up more than enough.

I’m not allowed, in the terms of the agreement thingy, to have an advert telling people to click on the advertising links. So I won’t. I’m not allowed to click on them myself because every click on an ad link generates some indeterminate (tiny) amount of revenue. So clicking on them myself would be like having a licence to print money. Which I don’t.

I suppose I shall have to stop having full posts in rss feeds in order to try to encourage the handful of people who read this blog to come to the site and exercise their mouse button finger.

Does this mean I shall have to start trying to write posts which are actually interesting? and contain huge numbers of carefully chosen phrases designed for maximum ad placement and click-through?

So far I appear to be championing the purchase of “Cat Vomiting” for those thinking of buying such a thing. The amusement provided by such suggestions will, I am sure, pall extremely quickly.