It was an accident

it was an accident

…the sun came out, just for a moment on this otherwise mostly flat-lit grey morning, giving a twist to the twist.

I am very lucky having the time to look as I walk each day. And at the moment I am unable to stop taking pictures. A function, I suppose, of having a small camera about my person rather than failing to cart round the weight of the big one.

knot a hole

It’s not a camera I would ever have chosen for myself but having ended up with it (another accident) I’m learning that what I think I want or don’t want isn’t necessarily the best guide to the best fun.


Metal and wood are what I saw on my walk today. Such a short distance, so many lines and curves, so much beauty.

broken hearted

The rest (what, there are more? oh yes, discrimination has never been my strong point) can be seen here.