I still haven’t finished the bit-by-bit upload of pictures from Holy Island but the Cornish idyll required prompt action so I shoved up the lot earlier on, of which this is my favourite:

yesterday's racing crabs are recollected

Much crabbing was, um, crabbed. Many crustaceans were removed from the water, given temporary accommodation in a bucket and then returned to the sea either by being emptied out all in one go or by being forced to “race” down the beach, only for the entire process to be repeated the following morning. Oh the joys, for boys, of simply messing about on, in or near water.

The rest of the set is here, and for those who are not yet weary of my marvelous short films (surely everyone) there’s the excellent “five crabs and a piece of bacon” awaiting your viewing pleasure beneath the fold. I particularly recommend close attention to the non-vocal soundtrack. (Apart from the irritating high-pitched whining which was produced by the usual terrier suspect.)

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