I was texting with E in Accra during the match on the relative merits of facing, in the next round, either England (winner of that match faces the winner of Argentina v Mexico) or the USA (winner of that tie faces either Uruguay or South Korea) *. We also touched on the fabulousness of John Mensah aka the Rock of Gibraltar. And of course the extraordinary, almost mythical, story of the feuding brothers playing for the opposing teams. Seconds after the final whistle the phone rang and the noise of jubilating from another continent nearly shattered the windows.

Arrangements are now being made to select the best Ghanaian bar in London to watch the game on Saturday night.

* See the table at the bottom of this page for a clearer visual representation of what I’m gibbering about.

3 Replies to “¡¡¡GHANA!!!”

  1. information as to the whereabouts of the best ghanaian bar etc would be welcome.

  2. Andrew, it has, for various reasons of convenience, to be in north London rather than south thus excluding Brixton which is probably where the bast bar is. But I’ll let you know.

    Dave, I cannot begin to imagine your pain. But I can imagine that you’ll get over it 🙂

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